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The website has not been living up to what I had hoped it would be.  I was hoping to blog regularly with training tips, injury prevention and treatments, running form, and more.  I also planned on continuing to blog on my own training.  Well, over the past six months or so I have not being doing any of these things.  I have not done what I set out to do with this website, which is to help runners of all levels achieve their goals.  I lost a lot of motivation during that time, didn’t do much consistent running, and was generally tired.  I am here to tell you that I am back!

You can expect more frequent posts on everything running related.  I will also start blogging on my own training again because everyone likes reading about what other people are running, right?

Three weeks ago I started getting some consistent running in.  I ran about 35 miles over a 7 day period, which was way more than I had done in any one week this year.  I felt great about it and was excited to start building my fitness again.  Then next day I started to get sick and it just kept getting worse.  I ended up being treated for strep throat and missed some work.  I didn’t run for over a week.  There went the consistency again.  Once I got on antibiotics I felt much better.  I started running again this week.

Monday night I did an easy 5 miles.  Yes I am still doing some night running.  I have never been a morning person and we have had some incredibly nice evenings lately.  Temperatures in the 50s by 8:00pm and no wind.  Nearly perfect conditions.

Tuesday night I ran 9 miles, and after a long uphill warm up mile from  my house, started cruising at 7:30pace for the rest of the run.

Thursday morning I met Dale for mile repeats at the Joe Walker track.  His plan was to do 6x1mile with one lap recovery jog in between.  I thought I would try and complete the workout with him and that 6:40pace for each mile seemed doable since I haven’t done any kind of track workouts or harder workouts this year.  This is about 30 seconds per mile slower than I could do this same workout in good marathon shape.  When returning to track workouts, it is always a good idea to run your first few a little easier than you would normally.  A quick change in intensity of workouts and running surfaces could open up Pandora’s box for injuries.  Remember, hammering one workout isn’t going to drastically improve your fitness, but running hard efforts on a weekly basis will lead to huge fitness gains over time.

After a mile warm up, I hit the first mile today in 6:51 and thought, “this is going to be a long workout.”  Then I started to settle into a better rhythm.  The next mile was 6:33, then 6:31, 6:31, and 6:25.  We stopped the workout after 5 mile repeats.  I had to get home and Dale was still feeling some fatigue from his 10k last weekend.  It was a great workout and I think it will be a weekly meeting up until Dale runs the Boston Marathon!

I am excited to start training consistently again and get back into the shape I was in a year ago.  I am also excited to start blogging more and hope to get more runners visiting my website.  The clients that I have currently are making huge improvements with their running.  I have some great ideas for future blog posts and some exciting running news to share.  Keep checking back for new posts or subscribe on the home page to get all posts emailed directly to you.  Also, “like” Cutting Edge Running on facebook for quick tips and links, and “share” it with your friends.

Don’t hesitate to email me questions and I will answer them in a future blog post or use the comments section to send me a message.

I hope everyone is training healthy and consistently in 2012!

Coach Karl Stutelberg


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