Special Offers!

Special Coaching Offers!

Buy a custom training program  of at least 4 months and receive FREE COACHING for the first month of the training program.

Coaching service will begin the same day the program starts and last 1 calendar month.  After that month you can decide whether or not to continue at the current monthly rate.

Coaching Services.

Custom training programs.

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  1. Charles Dempsey says:

    Karl, you came highly recommended. I just purchased via PayPal the My First Marathon training Program for my wife. We are both members of High Desert Runners and while we have done a fair number of Half Marathons, my wife’s goal is to complete a full Marathon with a good time. This is a birthday present for her and she wants to run the Santa Clarita Marathon as her first, which should give her enough time to train, but you are the expert. I look forward to talking to you.


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