Ultramarathon coaching

Whether you are running a 50k, 50mile, 100k, or 100mile race you may have some questions.

How many miles should I run to train for this?
How long should my longest run be?
How do I fuel (eat and drink) during an event like this?

I can help you answer these and many other questions about ultramarathon training.  I ran my first ultra at the Leona Divide 50 miler in 2010 and learned a lot, not only about completing an event like this, but also about maximizing your abilities through proper preparation.

I recommend at least a 16 week buildup for a 50 miler for those who have run marathons recently, and a 24 week build up for those who have not run a marathon in the past year.  Sign up for coaching during your ultra training and I will give you the best shot at making it to the finish line healthy and well prepared for the distance.

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