Online Coaching Programs:

Here’s how it works.  Coaching can be paid for month to month, or a block of 4 or 12 months at a discounted rate.  I ask that anyone purchasing a custom training program or online coaching has been cleared by a physician to begin a running program.  Once purchased, I will email you a survey regarding your running resume, to fill out and return.  A further exchange of emails may be in order to obtain all needed information. I will send you custom program within 3 days and the coaching service will begin on the first day of the written program.

I offer coaching services for everyone from the first time runner to the experienced marathoner.  Pick the option below that fits your needs best.

Benefits of online coaching with me include:

  • A custom training program based on the runners history and goals
  • An initial survey to obtain the runners history, current fitness, and goals
  • Unlimited email correspondence with me during the training program
  • Knowledgeable advice from a certified USATF Level 1 coach and licensed Physical Therapist
  • Recommendations on training and workout adjustments due to unexpected changes in the training plan
  • Adding races and race day advice for optimal performance including nutrition, pacing, etc.

Note: I cannot evaluate an injury over the phone or email.  Based on the information given I will refer you to a physician if I feel you need to be evaluated.  I can give advice on training modifications based on current symptoms.

If you do not have, or do not wish to have, a paypal account, I will accept money order or cashier’s check.  Please email me at for address information.  I will not send any surveys or programs until the checks have cleared, so send payment in plenty of time before you wish to have your program begin.


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