Night Runner!

October 17, 20112 Comments

I have recently become a night runner.  I have always been a night person, preferring to stay up late rather than get up early.  Consequently, I am slow to wake up and take a while to “get going” in the morning.  When I have done night runs in the past I usually have a good run.  When I scheduled my runs for early in the morning I would rarely follow through.  I would still be up late and think I could just get up at 5 am for a long run.  Who was I kidding? 

Over the last few weeks I have been running almost exclusively after 8pm.  I have a friend Eric that lives 2.5 miles away and we meet up in the middle, run for 5-6 miles and then make our way home.  Eric has just become more consistent in his distance running over the past year or so and recently ran the San Diego Rock n’ Roll half marathon in 1:44:45.

After the Leona Valley Trail Races half marathon I was pretty sore mostly in the calves.  Since my mom was here Andi and I got to go out on a run together and we ran 4 miles.  She is only 2 months post partum and is doing AWESOME!  Today she ran 5 miles at around 8:40 pace with some friends!

That Sunday night I talked to Eric on the phone and he said he was going running and I told him I would join him but it would be slow.  I did another 4.5 miles, I turned back early and he kept going.  Monday night I put the boys to bed and then went out by myself for another 4.5 miles on a hilly loop.  After this my legs were toast.  I didn’t run again until Thursday when Eric and I met up again after putting our respective children to bed.  This time Eric didn’t feel great but we still kept a sub 9 min pace and I picked it up coming home for a total of 10 miles. 

Tonight I continued the trend of night running.  I didn’t get out until even later and decided just to run up and down a half mile stretch of street near my house.  I did a mile warm up and then 3×1 half mile repeats pushing the uphill and going easy on the down hill.  It is not that steep of a hill (approx 80ft gain over half a mile) but still an uphill grade most of the way.  I hit 3:17, 3:12, 3:04 and then did a quarter mile hill (100ft gain over a quarter mile) in 90 seconds.  1 mile cool down for a total of 5 miles for the evening.

There are some concerns for night running, mostly safety.  I always wear bright colors and I have a reflector vest that I wear as well.  I am looking for some reflective tape that I can add to the back for more visibility.  The vest is very simple and attaches around the waist with velcro for a comfortable fit.  I hardly notice it is there. 

The other concern is when to eat.  I am hungry when I get home from work but if I am going to be running 60-90 minutes later I don’t necessarily want a full meal.  I try and keep the meal smaller before the run and then finish eating afterward.  I ate a piece of pumpkin pie a little to close to the run tonight!

The drawback to night running is that I am usually wired when I return from the run and have a hard time settling back down to get ready for bed.  I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

I got a new pair of Asics DS-Trainers this weekend and took them for a spin on tonight’s run.  I have put off buying a pair due to the price (typically $110 to $120 full price) but I found a pair at Marshall’s for $40!  They were size 12.5 and I typically wear a 13 but they fit ok in the store and I thought the price was worth the risk.  I have always wanted to try a pair of these shoes as they are a light weight mild stability trainer.  I have also always been an Asics fan.  I ran in the Kayano for many years, I am curently wearing the 2150 for most runs, and now the DS-Trainer.  There must be something about the Asics last that is comfortable for me because they all feel great.  I look forward to wearing them for some Threshold pace runs an some shorter races (up to half marathon).

Most pictures of running shoes show the lateral view.  This is a big pet peeve of mine.  The lateral view gives me almost no information on the structure of the shoe.  The medial view however, shows whether or not the shoe has a dual density midsole (the center gray section of the bottom of the shoe).  The DS Trainer does have this feature, which some may say does nothing to slow or control pronation, but my feet seem to like it.  See middle picture above.

Asics ranks very high on the list when runners are surveyed on which brand they wear the most.   Typically it is number one!  What is your shoe make and model of choice for most of your training?

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  1. Clay says:

    I switched to neutral, I am running in the Asics Gel Nimbus 12 the rolls royce of shoes in terms of cushion. I like them.

  2. Dale Lister says:

    Night Running!! I have ALWAYS preferred to run in the evening or even later at night than to get up early in the morning. I have not been doing it lately as it drives my wife crazy with worry. But if I were to be running with a partner…….

    Before I met any of my current running friends, when I trained solo, I would often do long runs in the evening on the condition of not leaving my neighborhood. I devised an 8 mile loop up and down all the streets without going out onto the major streets. One night I was getting in a 20 miler. I went by the same house 4 or 5 times. There were some guys hanging out in the garage the whole time. When they saw me coming the last time one guy wandered out to the street to offer me a beer.

    Once I was used to it, running at night came to be as normal to my system as having caffeine. I could finish a long hard run, shower, go to bed and go right to sleep!

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