Cutting Edge Running’s First Birthday!

July 24, 2012Leave a reply

It has been one year since Cutting Edge Running went LIVE!  Actually a little over a year.  It is certainly not what I expected.  I have learned a fair amount about advertising and marketing but have a lot to learn.  So far all of my clients have been from word of mouth, which means word is spreading!  I have only had positive comments from all my clients.   My athletes ran multiple marathons including the Boston Marathon, PR’d in distances from 5k to the marathon, trained consistently, and stayed healthy.

The most disappointing part of the last year has been the challenges with the website.  I have learned the hard way, with little help, how to manage a site and keep it secure.  There have been weeks where the website has been down, but it is now back and running strong!  Thank you for being patient.  My goal for this site is to be a resource for runners to go to for running tips that are backed by scientific research, not what some friend told me.  I have fallen short here and hope to make up for it in the second year.  I am planning on a youtube channel for exercise and form instruction as well as more frequent blog posts.  Please come back and check the site often for updates.  You can also subscribe to get email notices on any new posts.

Currently, I have athletes training for fall marathons and half marathons, and they are all doing great!  All the hard work is paying off.  Some are training for their first marathon and others are looking to better their previous best!  My goal for the upcoming year is to help as many runners as I can achieve their goals and continue to improve and enjoy the sport of running.

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