Custom Running Program

Custom Running Programs:

This is how it works.  I ask that anyone purchasing a custom training program or online coaching has been cleared by a physician to begin a running program.  After purchased, a survey on your running resume will be emailed to you.  Once it is filled out you will email it back to me and I will write your program.  A further exchange of emails may be in order to obtain all needed information.  After I receive your completed survey your custom training program, will be returned via email to you within 2-3 days.  It will include a “Core Strengthening Program for Runners” designed with a goal of injury prevention.  Your training program will take into account:

  • Your specific training goals
  • Current fitness level and weekly mileage
  • Running age and biological age
  • Recent race results
  • Injury history
  • Hours and days per week to train
  • Location and surfaces to run on
  • Personal cross training preferences


I offer custom training programs for the first time runner up to experienced runners from 5k to marathon.  My programs can help you reach a certain time goal or just to complete the desired distance.

You will select your program based on the number of months until your goal race.  Here are some possibilities.

  1. Looking for a couch to 5k program?  Select the 2 month program.
  2. Running your first marathon?  I recommend the 6  month program (plan ahead).
  3. Looking to PR for a 5k or 10k?  Pick the 2-3 month program.
  4. Have a half marathon coming up in 3 months?  You got it! 3 month program!
  5. Need help planning your workouts for the last 2 months of your half marathon training?  You guessed it! Select 2 months!
  6. If you have questions about how long it might take to achieve your goals, email me before you select your program.


If you do not have a paypal account or do not wish to pay with paypal, I will accept money order or cashier’s check.  Please email me at for address information.  I will not send any surveys or programs until the checks have cleared, so send payment in plenty of time before you wish to have your program begin.


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