From January 2008 to July 2011, I have kept a training blog that started out as a journal documenting my training for the Boston Marathon in 2008.  It has evolved into a sharing of information about running, from training tips and injury prevention to entertainment and laughs.  It has also proven to be a good way to stay in contact with running buddies past and present.  I hope runners of every level can learn something to help them with their own running through reading my blog.  The last 3 and a half years will stay at  Any future posts  will be published here at

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  1. Eric Dombrowski says:

    Hey Karl I really like the new website. It must feel awesome to get it up and running (pun intended :) I tried to subscribe to the emails and event updates but I got a message that said it was not “enabled”. I will try again soon. Look forward to the info u post and maybe someday using Cutting Edge Running’s services to get that elusive BQ… Riiiiight! Talk to u soon buddy. Good luck with the new baby. Can’t wait to meet him or her

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