I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree is Sports Medicine from California Lutheran University in 2001.  I was immediately accepted into the Physical Therapy program at UNLV.  Learning the details of the human body, anatomy, physiology, and injury rehabilitation confirmed my notion that helping people reach their physical goals was my calling.  It was during the next few years that I gained a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system and human movement.  In 2003 I graduated with my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and became a licensed Physical Therapist.  Since then I have assisted hundreds of runners in returning to the activity they are passionate about and have taken numerous continuing education courses on running injury and rehabilitation. I currently work at Valley Physical Therapy Group in Lancaster, CA.

Running Experience

I have many memories growing up that involve running.  At the age of 8 I won an award for being the youngest finisher at a local 5k and I ran the famous Bloomsday 12k in Spokane, WA at the age of 10.  Organized cross country and track began in junior high for me and once I started I was hooked.  After that I never missed a season running through high school and eventually at California Lutheran University.  I trained off and on through graduate school and began running half marathons.  I realized quickly that the longer the race the more competitive I was.  Eventually, I moved up to the marathon.  I completed my first at the Los Angeles Marathon in 2004 and after finishing in 3 hours 15 minutes told my family, “I want to do that again!”  I have since run 9 marathons with a personal best of 2:57:11 at the California International Marathon in 2009.  I have also found a passion for trail running and ran my first ultramarathon at the Leona Divide 50m in 2010. 

Karl’s PRs

  • Marathon – 2:57:11 (CIM, Sacramento 2009)
  • 1/2 Marathon – 1:20:00 (old LV course 2004)
  • 10mile – 62:01 (Charlottesville, VA 2010)
  • 10K (Road) – 36:36 (1997)
  • 8k (XC) – 29:12 (2000)
  • 5k (XC) – 17:45 (1994)
  • 5k (Track) – 17:06 (2001)
  • 3200M – 10:40 (1997)
  • 3000M – 9:48 (2000)
  • 1600M – 4:50 (1997)
  • 1500M – 4:33 (2001)


I am a certified level 1 coach by USA Track and Field and I have been writing training programs for friends and family for many years.  I seem to be the one to go to for advice when a friend or family member is training for a marathon or half marathon.  The programs I write are designed to meet the specific needs of the runner.  I take into account the runner’s work schedule, current fitness level, injury history, and many other factors before designing an individual training schedule that will give them the best chance of meeting their goals.  I use the combined knowledge I have received from my work as a physical therapist, experience as a collegiate runner, and reading from some of the top coaches and exercise physiologists in the country when designing training programs.

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