Eddie Half Marathon Winner

“Your coaching has done much for my fitness, my confidence, and reassuring my mind that I am good enough to accomplish my goals. I really appreciate your communication with me. I hope we can do this for a very long time.” –Eddie (2012 Holiday Half Marathon winner, 2 time Boston Marathoner)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“After 23 years of running without a coach I decided to have Karl design a program for me. I am into the 7th week and I am very pleased with my progress. It is so nice to know in advance what each workout will be. In the past I would just run whatever I felt like each day. With Karl’s coaching there is no more guess work. He is great at explaining what we are trying to achieve with each workout.”  –Chuck


“What I realized was that generic training plans as well as taking a hodgepodge of advice from various friends/runners led to a mix of under training/over training that caused a lot of my problems.  I decided to seek out a coach and a friend highly recommended Karl.  I was happy to have a training program that was customized to my fitness level and goals.  I was able to avoid peer pressure to run certain races and drills by saying “that is not in my training plan” or “my coach strongly advices against it”.  It saved me from a lot of injuries!   With Karl’s help I was able to run a PR of 3:57:09 at the 2013 Houston Marathon and just recently run a half marathon PR of 1:46:14.  I am looking forward to continuing my training with Karl and reaching my goal of a Boston qualifying time.” –Lisa


“A running friend suggested I use Cutting Edge Running to train for my first marathon. I have run short distances all my life but never a marathon. Coach Karl had me complete a lengthy questionnaire so workouts could be tailored to my work, family and vacation schedule. I never thought I could fit so many miles in my busy life, he showed me how. There were many bumps in the road , from flu, injuries, blisters, arthritis, surgeries. All of which Karl encouraged me through and made sure I would still be confident and ready come race day. He advised me on dietary and hydration, shoes, sleep..anything and everything that could help me. He even found web sites to help me save money on races and running shoes. My goal of completing a marathon and becoming a strong and confident runner would have never been accomplished without my coach. Coach Karl has made me the best runner I can  be and he can do it for you.” –Janet

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